eDady - FAQs

Is eDady MLM?

eDady may or may not be MLM, that is up for the users to decide. In truth, eDady is a combination of some of the finest elements from MLM and Network Marketing making it a hybrid of both. With the best of both worlds, eDady is one successful step towards the future.

What does eDady sell?

eDady from its core is a shopping portal hosting wide variety of assorted products that ranges from designer crafted jewelry to cutting edge electronic items at very attractive and competitive rates.

What is an ambassador?

eDady does not treat its family members as mere customers who make a purchase and just carry on with their daily lives. When you make a purchase from eDady, you become its ambassador and represent every amazing aspect of eDady with the world. Being an ambassador is both an honor and a responsibility because you represent what you pay for and will not succeed if the picture you depict is full of deceit. Therefore every eDady ambassador is its member or customer; only with more grace and responsibility.

So does eDady sell membership accounts too?

No. A membership account is an added feature that eDady give away with the purchase of every physical product without charging a single penny for it.

What does eDady’s membership account entails?

eDady’s membership account comes with a very flexible and smart compensation plan which allows you to earn commission depending on the sales volume generated by referrals.

Do I have to recruit a number of people as eDady members to be able to earn commission?

eDady’s compensation plans are not dependant on the number of referrals but commission is given on the required sales volume of the compensation plan.

How many compensation plans does eDady offer?

eDady’s compensation plans are generated by one of a kind Smart Reward Plan system which automatically generates a compensation plan based on the purchase class of the customer.

What is the opportunity calculator?

The opportunity calculator is one of a kind facility offered only by eDady. It’s a tool that helps you calculate the worth of your compensation plan based on the amount you have or will spend on purchasing something from eDady. For instance; you wish to know how will your compensation plan look like if you wish to make another purchase from eDady of let’s just say 100 eDBs. Simply go to opportunity calculator link and enter the amount of potential purchase into the calculator. The calculator will immodestly give you a detailed breakdown of your new compensation plan along with expected commissions, bonuses and flush outs.

What is purchase class?

Purchase Class is a form of member ranking based on the amount spent by the ambassador to purchase products from eDady. Classes differ with each other in terms of commission and bonus percentage. 6 classes in total are there for the sake of ranking.

What does a ambassador has to do to go to a higher ranking class?

eDady has made the procedure very simple. A new ambassador can join a high ranking class by simply purchasing a product of high value. Whereas an existing member who became a part of eDady by spending on a low cost product can just make a purchase of higher value and the Smart Reward Plan system will automatically update his account’s credentials to the corresponding class.

How does eDady pay the commission?

eDady provides commission in the form of eBucks which is the digital currency used within eDady’s architecture. eBucks can be used to purchase products directly from eDady or can be withdrawn to a medium of choice. An eBuck in real life is worth 1 eDBs.

What do you mean by the Carry Over Condition?

The flexibility of eDady’s compensation plans allows the option of Carry Forward. Carry forward is a condition where an ambassador supposedly utilizing the 10 compensation plan manages to make the desired sales volume to be eligible to receive his commission. Suppose the ambassador managed to hit the sales volume on his first tier which is 25 on his left and 25 on his right, he will of course be awarded the commission of 2.50 eDBs. However, if he manages to generate 50 on his one side while 25 on the other, he will still be granted the commission of 2.50 that day and the additional 25 from the last sales volume will be carried forward to the next day. The ambassador will still be able to earn 2.50 if any sales volume relating to his plan’s tier level is generated on the deficit side. It should be noted that in situations like these, the system will only generate commission if any activity is monitored in the ambassador’s account.

How do I make payments to eDady?

Being a premium online shopping portal, eDady accepts payment through all major credit cards, PayPal, MoneyBookers (Skrill) and even eBucks (can only be used by existing customers)

So does eDady membership costs something extra?

eDady membership comes along with every product purchased from eDady’s online store. It’s an added perk that eDady throws towards its amazing ambassadors to maximize the worth of their purchase.

And does eDady membership has some sort of hidden charges or payment modules?

eDady’s membership is pretty straight forward. You purchase a product from the online store and get a choice to become an ambassador of eDady without paying anything extra. However there is a renewal fee for every account that is charged annually.

What is the annual renewal fee for en eDady’s member account?

The annual renewal fee of an eDady’s ambassador account is 10% of the purchased product’s value or the accumulative value of the total products purchased.

What are eBucks?

eBuck is the monetary unit of eDady and all the eDady’s internal transactions are performed using this unit. In real world, 1 eBuck = 1 US Dollar.

Are eBucks transferable from one user to another?

Yes they can be transferred between one ambassador and another. In order to transfer eBucks, the beneficiary (must be an eDady ambassador) needs to be validated. After validation, ebucks can be transferred through the link present in the member’s account here

My SMS bucket ran out and I don’t have enough funds to purchase a new one. How am I suppose to access my account now?

While trying to access your account you run out of verification SMS, in this case, you will be taken to a new page where you will be given option to purchase a new SMS Bucket or renew your current. You can either do that through the available funds in your account or can simply ask a senior or fellow ambassador to transfer funds into your account if you are short a few eBucks.

What is an unverified user?

An unverified user is someone who recently signed up with temporary information. His account will be active and fully functional; however the user will not be able to access it since he will have to get his temporary information verified. An email will be sent to his primary email address. Once the user follows that link in that email, he will be directed to a page where he will have to get his primary information verified. His security information will be generated upon that instance and using that security information he can now access the account normally and become a verified ambassador.

I need to change my primary email, how can it be done?

Upon signing up with eDady, you can change your primary email address within 48 hours by going into your account settings. It will cost you 5 eBucks if you wish to get your primary email address changed any later than that.

What are protocols associated with an eDady account?

eDady accounts usually have three protocols attached to them but are subjected to more protocols depending on the scenarios and management decisions .

Protocol 1: Active User

A user is considered active if his account receives periodic visits, transactions and communication.

Protocol 2: Locked

This protocol in an account gets activated when an ambassador tries more than once to input an incorrect password or security information to access the account. For the sake of protection, the system automatically locks the account down. The rightful owner of the account can get his account unlocked through SMS validation.

Protocol 3: Suspended

Users who have not logged in to their accounts for a period of 3 months of above gets their account suspended. The user can get the account out of suspended state through sms validation within 3 months of account’s suspension date. Further inactivity in a suspended account for a period of 3 months will get the account terminated and its contents will be irrecoverable

What is the difference between a customer and an ambassador?

Customer: In terms of eDady, a customer is someone who has made a fresh purchase with eDady for the first time. The customer once he makes his first purchase with eDady is given an option to become an eDady ambassador and enjoy the benefits of its compensation plan.

Ambassador: A customer who chooses to verify his details and enjoy the benefits of eDady’s compensation plan is branded as an eDady Ambassador. An ambassador has a number of long term privileges as compared to customer.

What is FRB?

FRB (Fast Reward Bonus) is a bonus awarded to newly signed up ambassadors. If an ambassador manages to get a new ambassador directly under each side of his tree having the same purchase class or higher as his within 30 days of becoming an eDady ambassador, he gets awarded FRB which is worth 50% (approx) of his current purchase value. Pluto class ambassadors cannot avail the Fast Reward Bonus. FRB is always awarded on the basis of the lowest purchase value if purchase value of the one signing up and both who signed up is not same (but is in the same purchase class or higher)

I signed up one ambassador on my left and one on my right side of the tree yet I still haven’t received my FRB. Why?

Both new ambassadors under you must have the same purchase class or higher for you to receive your FRB. I am from Pluto Class. Can I get FRB if I sign up new ambassadors of the same purchase value as mine within 30 days of joining eDady? Unfortunately, ambassadors of Pluto Class cannot avail the FRB. You can however earn FRB by upgrading your purchase class and urging your downliners to do the same but all within 30 days.

I managed to meet my sales volume within 30 days of signing up. So do I get FRB and my commission both?

If you manage to meet your sales volume during your introductory period of 30 days, you will only get the FRB based on your purchase value while the remaining amount will be carried over to your sales volume.

I haven’t met my sales volume but both my downliners purchase value is higher than mine. If I am entitled to an FRB, what happens to the remaining balance?

In case where both your downliners purchase value is higher than yours but less than your designated sales volume, you get your FRB based on the lowest purchase value (which should be yours) while the remaining amount gets carried over and shall be adjusted in the your sales volume. Suppose your purchase value is 51 eDB while the downliner on your left and right have a purchase value of 70 and 60 respectively; you will earn the FRB since both your downliners have a higher purchase value than yours. While the remaining balance 19 eDB from left and 9 eDB from right will be carried over to be adjusted in your sales volume.

Me and the ambassador I just signed up on my left have the same purchase value from the same class but the one on right has a lower purchase value and purchase class, will I get FRB?

In that case no since all three of the ambassadors should belong to the same purchase class regardless of the purchase value. Only if the ambassador on your right upgrade his plan to the same purchase class or higher as yours, will you be able to get the FRB which will be calculated based on the lowest purchase value that in this case belongs to you.

Can I make money through other online businesses while working for eDady?

It is strictly prohibited by eDady that its active ambassadors partake in other online businesses while earning from eDady at the same time. Ambassadors who are found guilty of being involved in other online business beside eDady will be terminated without prior notice as per our terms of use.

How can an ambassador get his terminated account reactivated if he is found guilty of working for other online businesses?

That can only happen if the terminated ambassadors team (downline + upline) file a consensual petition against the ambassadors before the eDady Management and willing to accept him again in his former place. Upon receiving such a request; eDady management will consider reinstating the terminated ambassador.

What can I do with customized upgrades?

Customized upgrades are a way for you to upgrade your existing compensation plan with an amount of your choice regardless of the product you purchase.

How do customized upgrades work?

It’s very simple. As an existing Ambassador, all you need to do is shop more by purchasing a new product. Suppose you make a new purchase; let’s say of eDB 25. When you check out, you will be given a choice whether to upgrade your current eDady compensation plan with the entire value of the purchase or you can simply fill in a custom amount from your purchase value. Let’s assume being already on a plan of eDB 51 you choose to upgrade your plan only with additional eDB 10 so you fill in the desired amount and your plan will be upgraded from your customized value while the remaining amount will be considered as a purchase.